Artini is a photo editing app for content creators. The goal was to achieve an easy to use app with all the necessary tools, but not crowded at the same time.

My role was to research, design and test all UIs related to the project. I collaborated with the engineering team to launch this project.

The first thing I did was to research the photo editing apps on the market. I talked with 5 people that I new were active on social media, posting photos and editing them. The discoveries from the user testing sessions gave me an idea what tools are most important for users and why. According to them the most used tools are Adjust, Color, Crop, Filter and the problem they are having with that app is: hard to find tools. Here are 3 of many successful and used apps: VSCO, Snapseed and Prisma.
Based on the market research I identified the following personas: Jean and Mark. All the following decisions regarding the app design and user experience were based on them. Jean needs to be able to edit photos fast and with the photos being recognizable as hers. Mark wants something easy to use. He understands that having good photos is important for his image but he doesn't like to spend a lot of time editing.
Jean - 19 years old
She is a beauty instagram influencer with 1m followers. She has many contracts with famous brands and will launch her own collection soon.
Mark - 30 years old
He is a fitness model. He is building up his audience, has a youtube channel where he posts longer versions of his instagram workouts.

Avenir Heavy 22 pt

Avenir Light 18 pt

Avenir Light 14 pt
Icon design
First I identified all the icons needed and then tried to find visual representation for each tool. The important thing was to make the icons simple, easy to remember and recognisable. During the user interviews, I discovered that everyone liked the photo editing apps that have text explaining the tool. When there are so many tools and icons it is easier for the user to find what he/she needs and avoid the frustration.
user testing
After the app was released I returned to the 5 users I interviewed at the begging of the project and asked them to check out Artini app. The main questions asked were: Describe how is the navigation through the app? Are there any icons you find confusing? Is there a tool in other photo editing app that you use and is missing in Artini? Is there something none of the apps have but you need? After I analyzed the responses and the feedback from the users, I made the changes and another version of the app was launched.
2nd session improvement discoveries:
• Undo and redo buttons needed
• Custom filter option needed
• The order of some tools needed to be changed, based to the frequency of use.
• Too many fonts, it is overwhelming
final design
  • App home screen. It has a photo that lets users test the tools. Also quick access button to add your own photo.

  • Filter screen has all the filter options bellow, undo redo, cancel, apply.

  • Adjust screen has Brightness, Contrast, Exposure, Saturation, Highlights and Shadows tools.

  • Draw screen lets you choose the color and the size of the pen tool.

  • Rotate screen has mirror tools, rotate and straighten with a grid.

App landing page

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