Artios is an app and website that does photo editing, preview on the wall using AR and printing it on canvas. It eliminates the need of having multiple apps, with an innovative, seamless user interface.

The challenge was to combine all the features in an app, without making it too crowded and hard to use.


Since I haven't found an app in the market that has the same features and research the canvas printing apps and other commerce app that use AR. Ikea has the AR option to view how the furniture looks in the users' home. Kodak Moments edits and prints photos and Canvas prints.

Kate - 26 years old
She loves her new job as magazine editor. She likes doing yoga 3 times a week and meets with her friends every weekend. She takes many self developing classes in her free time.
Merry - 35 years old
She is a mother of 3. Merry loves to cook, try out new recepies and to go with her family on vacation with their camper. She has a busy scheduel and tries to be as efficient as possible.

Color pallete

mind map

The mind map was important to keep a clear understanding of all the flows in the app and to make sure that the user will not be stuck in a certain screen.

digital wireframes

During this step I tried to understand where all the features would fit on the screen and also made sure with the client that everything is moving in the right direction before going to design the final screens.

final design
Canvas options
AR setting
AR screen
AR options

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