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Convertor Curs Valutar is a simple to use currency exchange rate calculator app. The problem was that the user has to switch multiple times in order to see a comparison between the rate of each bank. The goal was to let the user change the currency and bank easily.

My role was to research, design the logo, animations and the ui of the app.


I researched existing currency exchange apps like: Currency Convertor and Universal Currency Convertor. While
going through the reviews I realised that users want simple, clear layouts, without distractions, with the ability to use it offline.


Futura 16pt, Bold

Futura 16pt, Book
15px radius
Logo design&animation

After settling up with the brand identity I moved forward to sketching wireframes. First I made many paper iterations and the best ideas were transformed into digital high fidelity. The idea I went with to solve the rate comparison problem was to have 2 main currencies at the top with the selected bank and all the other banks in the bottom sheet.

final design
Splash Screen
Home screen

Easy change between currencies and an overview of the others

Banks screen

Quick search and select of an another bank just by dragging the bottom sheet.

Currencies screen

Select different currency with recently used feature.

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